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:: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 ::

First Record[s] Bought: Probably the first record I bought was 2 years ago and it was a Hey Mercedes 7in
First Album Bought: GUns and Roses?
First Concert: Besides stuff with my parents it wsa Jewel at Merriweather Post Pav.
Favorite Music Movie: Um...Rock and Roll High School
Favorite Music Book: The Beatles Anthology
Favorite Lyrical Songwriter: Bob Nanna
Favorite Producers: you know, I don't know
Favorite Record Label: Merge and it WAS Vagrant til they effed Hey Mercedes.
Favorite Magazine[s]: Blender:)
Favorite Bassist: Neil from Trail of Dead!!!!!!!
Favorite Album Cover: Hmmm...
Favorite Music DVD: Braid's is great! and I love having all of the SMashing Pumpkins stuff
Favorite Teen Idol: Justin Timberlake! Britney Spears! Christina Aguilera! Jessica Simpson! ahhH!
Artists Who [Disappointed You]: Neil- heroin is bad
Artist You Will Always Believe In: Billy Corgan
Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Jojo and R. Kelly
Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Bob Nanna!
Favorite Sounds: chord progressions I recognize
Album You Will Always Defend: Stripped by Christina Aguilera is unerappreciated.
Album[s] You Own That No One Else Does: signed Bryan Zentz Seven Breaths...I also have The Gibbons (other people own it but mine is special, ha)
Classic Album You Own but Don't Like: Catherine Wheel
Artist[s] You're Supposed to Like but Don't: Bjork...I hate her.
Music you don't like: new country
Song You Can't Stand by an Artist You Like: I'll have to think on this
Band [Or Group] That Should Break Up: Hoobastank, PLEASE.
Bands [Or Groups] That Should Re-form: Hey Mercedes, The Gibbons;)
Guilty Pleasure: klezmer? I'd only feel guilty because I'm not actually Jewish
Concert[s] You Wish You'd Seen: Justin Timberlake at 930 Club, Smashing Pumpkins at 930 Club
Dream Collaboration: Check it: JT, Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, Bob Nanna-I'd die.

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