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:: Saturday, April 10, 2004 ::

First best friend: Brian Flory
First car: Chevy Celebrity
First date: not a big "date" person, That guy Mike? I can't remember his name
First real kiss: Brian
First break-up: nada
First Screen Name: sgt5pepper
First self purchased album: Guns And Roses- Appetite For Destruction
First funeral: my grandpap:(
First pets: Petunia the pig
First piercing/tattoo: just ears, in Second Grade
First credit card: VA Credit Union Mastercard
First true love: music;)
First enemy: anyone who crosses my sister-you know who you are!
First musician you remember hearing in your house: i remember 8-tracks

Last car ride: back from Vanessa's house
Last kiss: last Saturday-guy in band;)
Last good cry: it's been awhile thank goodness but tonite is close to a sad one
Last library book checked out: def not since college. Told 2 days before graduation I owed $400 bc I forgot to return books from my senior seminar.
Last movie seen: in the theatre was The Passion
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: Sheetz fajita (and I get home and there's pizza! arg)
Last crush: I'm evading this question on a technicality
Last phone call: Jesse
Last time showered: today at 4:30pm
Last shoes worn: blakc flip flops
Last cd played: No Doubt Rock Steady
Last item bought: food at Sheetz
Last annoyance: itchy nose
Last disappointment: not finding a keg!
Last time wanting to die: never.
Last time scolded: the only thing my parents ever "scold" me about is going through old things and getting rid of it
Last shirt worn: my black/white polka dot shirt
Last website visited: Mandy's LJ Friend's Page
Last word you said: I'm singing along to Dawson's Creek righ tnow.
Last song you sang: "I'll stand by you!"
What is in your cd player?: BRITNEY SPEARS "TOXIC"!!!!
What color socks are you wearing?: none
What color of underwear are you wearing?: white with red and they say "Hottie" hahah
What's under your bed?:nothing actually
What time did you wake up today?: after dozing all nite I got up at 6:30am to go Easter Keg Hunting!

Where do you want to go?: CA
What is your career going to be?: musician I'd hope
Where are you going to live?: NYC would be Amazing
How many kids do you want?: 3-4
What kind of car(s): Audi

Current mood: mixture of sympathetic and exhaustion
Current music: Dawson's Creek Season 1
Current taste: water
Current hair: straightened
Current clothes: pj pants, gray tank top and sweatshirt
Current annoyance(s): money, job, car, warm weather
Current longing: sleep
Current desktop picture: Cupid and Psyche by Canova
Current favorite artist: Canova
Current book(s): Beethoven's Nine Symphonies
Current color of toenails: blood red
Current time-wasting wish: lottery
Current hate: republican bashers, hot weather, pollen, gas prices

:: Miss Scarlet 12:27 AM [+] ::
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