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:: Thursday, February 12, 2004 ::

I get really annoyed at work. Over little things too. I'm starting to hate it but I guess it's a good thing as it will hopefully motivate me to get that "real" job. I wish I had any idea of how to get one.
You know what else is annoying? And I dont get in this mindset often but...How it seems everyone in the world has a significant other. I mean, even at work where I try to have a 'work crush' it's stupid because all of the hot ones have girlfriends (which makes sense of course, it's just annoying). Ew, What's wrong with me. I just took a moment to watch some of The O.C. I taped and when I came back and read what I had typed I wanted to puke. I will NOT be one of those lame girls.
I can't believe I only have about 6 weeks left on this lease and then I guess I'll be back in Bealeton. Oh gawd, what a scary thought. I mean, I'm excited about saving more money and getting a car and having the freedom to apply for jobs anywhere I want and not being stuck in a year long lease somewhere I'm not even sure I like. But then again, I do like Richmond and I've had some good times here. It would have been awesome if Vanessa had moved here too. Or if Julianne had decided on grad school at VCU. You know, one of my best friends actually near me. People who enjoy doing the same things I do. People who call me to hang out. I have a lot of friends here, don't get me wrong, but it's just not the same.
And as lame as moving back home may sound, most people live at home right after college and then move out. Well, I'm just doing the opposite. I moved out just 3 months after graduating and that will have been 2 years ago. Wow, 2 years ago. And in less then a week I will be 24. It doesn't seem old to me until I think, almost 25 which is "mid twenties" (ha) which is on it's way to 30 and most people by age 30 have careers and fiances and all that crap. But 6 years...that's a long time.



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