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:: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 ::

10 Years Ago:
Where did you live? Bealeton, VA
Where did you work? no where
Did you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? no, I'm too shy
What was your biggest fear? tripping in the hallway
What made you happy? band
Who did you look up to? Jenny Miller
What did you think you would be doing ten years from that point? I'd be in med school or something
What did you want to change about yourself? I probably had acne

Current day:
Where do you live? Richmond, VA
Where do you work? Barnes and Noble and a pool
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? no, I'm a playa apparently
What is your biggest fear? rejection
What makes you happy? kissing, beating others, and having money. oh and friends and family
Who do you look up to? those taller than me
What do you think you'll be doing in ten years? 34? Holy crap! I'll either be married with a kid or living in NYC being "single" and loving it. hehe
What do you want to change about yourself? no inhibitions

:: Miss Scarlet 3:58 PM [+] ::
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