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:: Saturday, January 03, 2004 ::

"A Summer To Die" by Lois Lowry is a sad book from my childhood. I was just reminded of it.

Today Ali and I went to Safeway to buy our food for the week. She chased my with Lit'l Smokies which made me want to gag and I ran away. Some lady who was taking inventory laughed at us. Then we got Starbucks and the kid working there was rude. and dumb. I hate him.

We are watching The Ring and I am scared. I am not going to want to go into my room. I am glad we are watching this BEFORE the 'rents leave. Speaking of which, the position for bed warmer is still open.

I joined just for fun and already I've practically had a proposal! I don't even have a picture up.

Ok, I'm busy looking up Judy Blume books to buy.


:: Miss Scarlet 2:12 AM [+] ::
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