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:: Saturday, January 03, 2004 ::

In some situations I get really paranoid that everyone knows the truth but I don't. For instance, I say "Oh he totally loves me and likes to hang out a lot" and the person I say this too is thining, 'Hmm, he actually hates her and feels bad for her'. Or, what if everyone is just saying the nice thing and everything I think is true is really just a cover up and I'm running around saying all of this false stuff that I believe and I come out sounding like a sad, sad person.
I mean, I don't really feel that. Not to such a scary freaky level but yeah, sometimes I feel like people are keeping the awful truth from me. Even though I often have the facts to back things up.
So, I wouldn't mind some reinforcement right about now.


:: Miss Scarlet 11:05 PM [+] ::
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