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:: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 ::

This blog sort of has breaks as I don't have much to write about. I go through phases where I have so much to talk about I don't like to bore the LJ readers and then I come over here. But lately nothing too "bloggable" has happened.
I havent talked to Jules since last Sunday I think which is crazy. I never know when to call her during the week because her schedule is so different all the time. I hope you're doing well, dOOd! We need to hang out soon!!!!!!! Another nite on the town in Baltimore or maybe even one here in Richmond. You're my pal to go to the Starlite with me to find "young executives". And Buddys...maybe we'll see the governor again. OR in Baltimore we can go find Chaz and his friend, ha. Or not actually. I should call him, that would be funny.

I'm bored with Richmond at the moment. DC is exciting and whenever I go there I either meet someone or something crazy happens. It's probably because I go there with Vanessa. But also, It just seems like people up there are more into striking up a conversation with someone new. And it's bigger, so you're not always seeing the same people.
Johanna and I are planning a nite out in Philly for sometime. She's researching where the hot places are and as soon as I can get up there we're going to have so much fun!

Adam Corolla is the funniest man alive.

:: Miss Scarlet 1:01 AM [+] ::
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