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:: Monday, October 06, 2003 ::

Oh, Mr. UPS man, Please come visit me and bring me lovely packages.

So, Last nite was Sunday (duh) and Sunday means American Dreams and Alias. Now, I'm recently addicted to this website that summarizes shows and seeing as how I have nowhere else to go as I wait and nothing constructive to do, I'm going to do a little recap (from memory, Lord help us) of last nite. Here goes:

American Dreams:

The times they are a changin'. Haha. Yeah so, JJ's now in the Marines and is trying to get squad leader and is up against this jackass guy who obviously ends up getting because he's a bully and cheats and steals this other guys shooting thing. So, JJ, being all about right and wrong lets this guy know he knows and that it's obvious it's "eating away at him"...Meanwhile, squad leader dude is going to make life miserable for JJ, more miserable than basic training must be already. My observation about this new plot of having JJ in the Marines is that everyone now looks alike.
Will must have exceeded his avaiable hours to work because he wasn't in the episode at all...however, he was mentioned a whole lot. Mom heard about a new operation that could help help his "polio leg" and gets this med student to help her after she's told the library is for "medical students only" blah blah. Yeah so she reads (could women READ back then? ha) and then takes her findings to Jack (the dad who seems like he should just be misunderstood like the Wonder Years dad but actually is sort of just a jerk sometimes). Anyway, Dad says no. Mom says yes, *fight*.
Patty, who is hilarious because she's so obnoxious, is a huge nerd and her teachers decide to move her up to dum dum DUMMMMM....9th grade which will put her in the same school as Meg. Oh, the embarassment. The girl looks like she's about 11...I was thinking she was in 6th grade at the most. Meg is not happy about having her sister at her school and is very mean to Patty, I'm hoping they start a girl fight one time.
So, the basis of the show is how Meg dances on Bandstand and the musical guests are always a big deal. So you KNOW Meg's going to be allowed to dance on the show again. I missed the premiere so I don't know what happened to the original producer dOOd but yeah, now he's British or something. To make a long story short, Dad lets Meg dance again after he sees how much it means to her and also tells her not to let people tell her it's dumb (boyfriend)....Next scene: breaks up with boyfriend.
That's about it. Musical guest was Monica.


Mmmm, Best. Show. Ever.
Sydney is on a quest to find out "who took the last 2 years of her life"....and also the bottom few inches of her hair because it's shroter this season and oddly enough, makes her look younger rather than the 2 years older. But whatever, details. So, yeah to make another long story short, the CIA with the NSC decide to trade Sark (hott) for 1 of their own (2 were taken, but one, ahem, didn't exactly survive. They used his head with a note in his mouth to send a message). The trade gets messed up though when the stupid NSC guy sends in more CIA dOOds to get the bad guys which of course isn't going to work and most end up dead. Plus, they take Sark AND the CIA guy-good job NSC. Sydney's pissed. And while the NSC guy is in the pisser (harhar) she gives him a piece of her mind. Later in the show we find out he's decided to go back to Washington....Syd thinks she won but oh no, guess who he brings in as his replacement: Vaughn's wife! Craziness. This should be fun. Especially since I bet there will be some time when Vaughn has to save one of them or something and chooses Sydney, something to that effect.
Meanwhile, Jack (dad) is still trying to find out the 2 year mystery and gets in touch with mom via their previously set up method of secret communication...get this: instant messaging-Awesome! So yeah, they chat and say they miss each other with is a big step with those two and I don't understand how it can be sooooo secretive to be IMing on a laptop in his car. I mean, they mention names and stuff but whatever. Who am I to know what the (fake) CIA can and cannot find out.
Also, Vaugh is back at the CIA. He also says some stuff about her "death" (and how can they keep saying, "When you died" "Your ashes"...Shouldn't they be considerate and say, "When we thought you died" "The ashes of the poor unfortunate soul who was used to confuse us into thinking it was YOU who died" details details) and how it almost killed him but also, (BUT) he's glad he moved on-OUCH. We all know they'll get back together. Like Pacey and Joey, Ross and Rachel (fingers crossed), Angela and Jordan (oh wait, crap)...
I think that's all...and I'm obviously leaving out a lot.


:: Miss Scarlet 2:59 PM [+] ::
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