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:: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 ::

Little things are bothering me. Those things that are so petty that you can only complain to certain people. Ali understands. We have an understanding where we can be as shallow or petty as we need to be to get out those frustrations. It's a wonderful outlet. With other people, either they are friends with the person or they just won't understand and will think you are a horrible person.

I'm wondering what happened to a few people I don't talk to much anymore. I can't help but think you hate me;) Actually, not really. I'm more prone to make myself believe that either a) it's too hard to be around me because you can't hold yourself back b) your new girlfriend has forbade you from talking to me or c) you've realized I won't say yes. Haha, Sort of kidding on those. If you've just read that, please forget it.

I think a pet peeve is people being unnecessarily loud. I really can't stand it. Especially since I'm usually the opposite. And actually, I think I am the opposite because I see how annoying loud people are. I feel the same way about people who talk too much. Drives me insane.

I'm actually pretty excited to work tomorrow. It's with Danielle which is always fun and a shift where I don't have to open or close which is GREAT. I wonder if I can dress up for Halloween;) I picked up the extra shift today and it's just like me to think that I'm doing the company a favor so I should receive one in return, haha.

I'm itching to have a nite out on the town with Vanessa and Julianne...however, on separate nites;) Vanessa and I have this uncanny ability to meet the strangest characters while out and Julianne and I always end up playing pool somewhere and I pretty much always get free drinks. With the number of birthdays I've had up in Baltimore I should be about 30. But now she has hew new beau so we'll see how nites out are now;) I need an obligatory hot guy to take places when I need to. Like weddings and bah mitzvahs (How is that spelled?) and to bars with my friend's who have significant others. Just kidding really, I'm a player, haha. But I do have a candidate in mind for "hot guy"...


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