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:: Monday, October 06, 2003 ::

I haven't talked to you since like, May or something insane. Weird.

I don't think the UPS man loves me. I certainly do not love him now. I just thought that he'd be here at about 1 so I didn't bring a lunch or anything. Now I'm going on 2 Red Bulls and a cookie. Soon I'm going to start running laps around the store. Wouldn't that be a site. I'm reading my Photographic magazine at the moment and learning how to take good pictures of sunsets. I want to enter a photography contest, that would be fun. Amateur, of course.

Oh, GREAT NEWS: The UPS man came. I had to sign the weird computer like clipboard thing that made me look like I don't know how to write.

MUhahhahha, I have talents. (no, not writing) Manipulation:)


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