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:: Monday, September 01, 2003 ::

Warning: I'm irritated.

With that said, I HATE PEOPLE! Sometimes I really do. Sometimes I really can't stand them all and sometimes it's a choice few. At the moment, It's let me see...1, 2, 3, 4 or so people.
Luckily Ali has just lifted my bad spirits by playing with the AB Repeat button on my new DVD player. Nothing like watching Pacey fall over and over and over and....over again. There is also nothing like watching entire seasons of shows you loved when you were in 9th grade. Ha, Ali is CRACKING ME UP!

But really, Here are my rules:
1. I'm independent when I want to be and in these moments you need to leave me alone.
2. I do not like unnecessary talking. Silence is golden.
3. Don't ask for clarification of my actions
4. You MUST be aware of my body language and subtle hints for what I want to do. I am of few words when it comes to what I want to do.


:: Miss Scarlet 10:29 PM [+] ::
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