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:: Saturday, September 27, 2003 ::

There was no Friday Five this week so I'm making up my own. Let's see.

1. What is your favorite food? wow, hard one Scarlet (haha), I love americanized mexican food, pasta, and pizza
2. Name 3 foods that make you want to hurl: sour cream! olives! pickles! ew ewew ewew!
3. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten (not including #2)? I used to eat Sardines like nobody's business
4. What do you plan on eating at your next meal? I'm hoping to go out somewhere bc I don't feel like eating Ramen noodles which is all I have. I REALLY want mexican (mmmchipotlemmmm)
5. Are you hungry right now? Oh yes.

Well, that was fun.

:: Miss Scarlet 2:00 PM [+] ::
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