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:: Monday, September 22, 2003 ::

Not much going on. Just waiting to hear if power is back in Richmond. My one source says most of it is but I'm waiting for definite word. But then I'm sure my mom will be like, "Wait for tomorrow to go back" haha, Oh and especially since she won't be home til later tonite. Bah!
My feet are cold. And that is because my house is kind of cold right now. But then it makes me think its cooler outside but it's not. I'm so sick of 80 degree days. We've had our fill, bring on the chill! I want to see changing leaves!
I really want to go to CA now after having the idea put into my head. It wouldn't be that expensive-plane ticket, food, fun and that's about it since I know people out there. Ha, well...let's not assume I can stay at their places but 1 room divided by 3 isn't that bad.
I've been all about playing the piano the past few days. I get in the mood to play and I go downstairs and start but then...I realize I'm not that good and that is so frustrating. This may come out as snotty but, since I'm good at the clarinet and flute, I expect/want to be good at every instrument without having to practice and try too hard. I can play things in the key of C (hehe) that don't wander too far from middle C. It's also hard for me to do different things with the left and right hands....But I guess practice makes purrfect. So, I may as well go practice.
Love and Hisses,

:: Miss Scarlet 4:34 PM [+] ::
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