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:: Thursday, September 18, 2003 ::

It's raining.

Ali and I are planning on going on a walk at midnite...haha. Should be interesting. My dad called and was like, "Have you seen Toto fly by yet?" and I said, "No, but we're getting ready to throw some things out to see what will happen."
My poor mom's entire right side was wet from delivering the mail in the rain today. She's awesome. Not awesome enough to let me leave if we lose power though I think. haha!
Last nite I watched Wuthering Heights-the MTV one. It actually made me want to reread the book. WEIRD!
Now Guiding Light is on. I'm trying to save my reading material in case the power goes out. I have a Cosmo, Newsweek and ROlling Stone as well as a bunch of Sweet Valley books;) I also plan on playing the piano but I guess I should go find my piano books before it gets dark.
Yay for wind!
Comment, thanks!

:: Miss Scarlet 3:04 PM [+] ::
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