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:: Saturday, August 30, 2003 ::

I will post this survey and then write something of substance, I promise.

1.Make up a name for yourself: Svar
2.Where were you born? Loudoun County, virginia
3.And when was this? 17 Feb 1980
4.What are you parents names? John and Pamela
5.What is your favourite sexual position? hold on, let me look up with Kama Sutra # it is...

Morning. . .
1.What's your favourite breakfast cereal? I like a lot...At the moment I'm in a Lucky Charms mood
2.What's the first thing you do upon waking? groan
3. Coffee or Orange Juice? OMG, I'm addicted to both OJ and Starbucks!
4. Stop to smell the roses or rush to work/school? depends if I'm late or not
5. What is your morning bathroom routine? WC, shower, teeth
6. Morning breath? depends on the nite before
7. Toast or pop tart? pop tart
8. Sex in the morning or at night? Sex and the City
9. Do you have normal sleeping habits? well, it takes me forever to fall asleep. and I can't breathe thru my nose.
10. How many hours of sleep you average? 7-8?
11. Get on the Internet before work/school? no
12. Change your underwear regularly? yup
3. Sing in the shower? no, bc then people would hear me
14. Flex in the mirror? i have, yes.
15. Butter or Margarine? i can never remember which one is less bad for you

Noon. . .
1. What your favourite fast food place? wendys
2. Take out, drive thru, or eat in? drive thru
3. Bring your lunch or eat from a vending machine? bring
4. Eat in a group or alone? both
5. Would you like fries with that? yes, have some
6. Gossip? i could say no, but that would be SUCH a lie
7. Do you brush your teeth after every meal? not usually
8. Chew Trident? no
9. Are you eating anything right now? pizza
10. Ever had a, how you say, nooner? what is that
11. Favourite TV Dinner: teriyaki bowls
12. Favourite Candy Bar: 3 musketeers
13. Favourite chewing gum: winter fresh
14. Does loud chewing bother you? yes
15. Do you talk with your mouth full? only when I'm sick and can't breathe.

And Night. . .
1. What is your favourite sleeping position? next to Brad Pitt
2. Do you dream in colour or black and white? color
3. Do you sleep alone? usually
4. Have you ever been in a bar? yes
5. How about a gay bar? not really
6. Do you drink? yeah
7. Do you drink and drive? no way
8. How about drugs, do you do those? no
9. Do you carry condoms? My Philly souvenir
10. Name something stupid you've done while drunk: whatshisname
11. Tell me a recent dream: probably involved the pool
12. What are you doing next Saturday night? maybe going to WVU
13. Will you marry me? nope, not til I'm 27
14. What do you sleep in? my bed
15. Kiss and tell? a and b

:: Miss Scarlet 8:54 PM [+] ::
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