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:: Sunday, June 15, 2003 ::

Too many brownies...If there's one reason I need to get back to Richmond it's the lack of food there-haha.
I wonder if there are Spanish Translated Danielle Steele novels...I really want a trashy little book to read but I also want to remember spanish so that would be a nice multitasking thing to do. Other things I need to remember include Calculus...and Music Theory...also all that useless Music History knowledge that makes me sound smart.
Ali's recital today was awesome. She played really well and her piece is this fiddle piece that sounds incredibly intricate. One of the other upper level students played a really nice Bach piece that was supposed to "impress" I suppose but all I could think was how annoying vibrato is. It's overused in my opinion, not only on the number of notes but also the degree of the vibrato. I don't like it to sound whiny. Ew. Oh, But now I really want a viola...I've wanted one for awhile.
I took my Black and White film to get developed but I got confused on how to do it...Why the hell does it take 2 weeks? Lame.

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