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:: Saturday, June 07, 2003 ::

I think that Jennifer Lopez has the worst songs ever in the history of songs. How can she have 3 albums? A few examples of what makes me want to hurl:

~I just can't control myself
I can't be with no one else
It seems I'm addicted to the way you like to touch me

~From In Living Color to movie scripts
To On The Six, to J Lo to this headline clips
I stay grounded
As the amounts roll in
I'm real I thought I told you
(I'm real)
i'm real even on Oprah
(I'm real)
That's just me
Nothing phony, don't hate on me
What you get is what you see, oh

~Think I wanna drive your Benz
I don't
If I wanna floss I got my own
Even if you were broke
My love don't cost a thing

It's mostly the way she tries to put them with the melody...It's so horrible. Does she write her own lyrics? I hope so, otherwise there's a songwriter out there who needs to die a horrible death.

:: Miss Scarlet 12:57 AM [+] ::
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