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:: Friday, May 02, 2003 ::

You're all going to think I'm crazy but....I'm getting another blog. Now, before you commit me to the looney bin, let me explain why: The Foo Fighters special group thingy I'm in is starting a FF Blog Ring and well, I want in on the action. Mmmm, any sentence with both "Foo Fighters" and "action" in it is a winner in my opinion, haha. ANYWAY, This new blog, whose link I'll post later, will just be me talking about them I guess and my experiences or something lame. I just want in on the action (mmm action).
Oh and for those of you who don't know, Vanessa and I got into the secret Foo Fighters show last nite at the Black Cat in DC. It was the most amazing nite I've had in a long time and it ranks up there for all time. John from their record label is my new best friend, thanks so much for the tickets:) I was talking to Jules and saying how I dont really have the good luck with things and she's like, "Oh I think you do" haha, and I thought about it and then said, "Ok, I have the good luck with meeting bands and such and being in the right place and time, I don't have the lottery ticket, concert ticket winning luck" haha. And at this time I would like to point out my good luck and blatantly show off, ha:
~I have in my posession 2 Dave Grohl guitar picks, his water (hey, they threw it at me and I caught it, ok?), *2* drum sticks that Dave and Taylor played with, Nate Mendel's autograph! I've seen them 4 times-Nissan Pavilion, (old) Black Cat, Patriot Center and then Black Cat again
~I saw the Smashing Pumpkins at the Patriot Center right before they broke up and I got to shake Billy Corgan's hand
~Vanessa and I got a ride in The Pavers RV and Josh said he'd, "Never forget someone named Scarlet Rose" haha
~I've seen Trail of Dead 8 times now, a few of those times Anna and I were on the guest list, we got to go to the after party in Philly at the Theatre Of The Living Arts, backstage at Club Laga in Pittsburgh, and I found Neil's ring at the last Black Cat show, not to mention the countless hugs, hehe. Oh and when they played at the 9:30 Club with QOTSA Conrad gave me a tequila shot.
~I've seen Hey Mercedes about 5 times? I've talked to Bob Nanna every time and he's adorable. Todd Bell gave me the set list at the Black Cat Show
~When Anna, Alyssa and I went to see a bunch of bands at U of R we accidently entered the backstage area and the bass player of New End Original offered us paella. hahahha
~I have a bunch of set lists too

Ok, I'm sorry for blatantly doing that. But I wanted to write it out too. I'll have to add to it as I remember...


:: Miss Scarlet 8:55 PM [+] ::
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