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:: Monday, May 05, 2003 ::

My wisdom teeth are bothering me. I really need to get these things out.

Alias last nite, for those of you who haven't heard/read already, was the greatest 2 hours of television ever. I plan on rewatching these 2 hours momentarily and hopefully Jules will get a chance to watch them tonite before I get there so we can discuss. I really want to join the CIA. Speaking of the CIA...

Why are there no jobs where they say, "We're looking for intelligent people with mediocre grades. We understand that school is lame and we'd rather have well rounded individuals with a zest for life and many hobbies and interests. Some knowledge of languages is good but we don't expect you to be a native or anything. Knowing useless facts about random things i a plus. Apply online and don't worry, we won't expect you to talk on the phone."


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