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:: Saturday, May 03, 2003 ::

I have this candy bar and well...It's huge! So big the serving size is 1/3 of it, insane. Since I'm such a nutritional whiz I'm going to check out what it has in it: Actually, the sodium content isn't too Vit A (hmm, night vision is necessary and I haven't had carrots in awhile), no Vit C (but I drink orange juice like it's going out of style)...Calcium 2% (niiiiice, haha)...Fiber 1g (yay! no cancer for me!)...riboflavin 2% (yay FAD)...So, even though there's about 24g of fat in this mofo, I'm making up for it in these essential vitamins and minerals. Oh and also the fact that I didn't eat that much today, just noodles corn and green beans, yum!
I've been playing my guitar a lot lately, which is awesome. Besides the whole lack of memory thing, my left hand does well. My mobility isn't the greatest but I don't expect it to be because I don't play that much. But my right hand (hello, dominant!) struggles....It doesn't like to strum. I actually think its because I don't want to be too loud in my *learning so I suck* stage.
Ok, update: I have set the second half of the candy bar aside due to sugar overload. I will attack the rest later, perhaps when I get home after hanging out with my RVAers. Haha, looks like I mispelled RAVERS, harharhar.
It's almost cinco de mayo, aka my 3rd birthday of the year...

:: Miss Scarlet 9:25 PM [+] ::
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