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:: Thursday, May 08, 2003 ::

I had the best time at work today with my boss, Leigh Anne. She's like 28 but she cracks me up with her comments on everything. Today she went and got us Chik-fil-a, YUM which totally made my day and then we talked about the kind of guys we like and tried to decide who was hot who was swimming, ha. Too bad the majority of people who swim there seem to be old men and women. And about this: I am no longer afriad of people drowning, I am afraid of someone having a heart attack. Today, some lady leaned over the ladder to stretch but at first I thought she was going to die but then I realized she was stretching. Oh, and don't get me started on water aerobics....They use these flotation belts and I'm just waiting for the day one loses his/her balance and goes face down. Scary stuff. I don't want to have to save an old person!

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