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:: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 ::

Top 7 and 1/2 Good Things About Today:
7.5. First day of walking to school was go...
7. I actually have a little bit of money to go buy CHERRY PEPSI! (bc honestly, that's all I want at this moment)
6. Get to *decorate* tonite in the new apt. *fun*
5. I made friends in BioTech and we had a lot of fun during our FOREVER long lab:)
4. I got a B on my Nutrition Test, rock and roll!
3. I did NOT fail my Ornithology test, in fact I did A-OK!
2. My mom is the best April Fool's Prankster ever, haha. She's so sneaky AND a good liar apparently
1. Briarwood called back and want to offer me a job! So far we're playing message tag though=/

:: Miss Scarlet 4:42 PM [+] ::
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