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:: Monday, April 28, 2003 ::

This is potentially very bad.

In other news, only 2 classes and 4 exams to go. i absolutely cannot wait. It's a weird feeling that I won't be packing up a dorm room and heading home but it's definitely a good feeling as well because packing sucks. No, packing's ok, it's the moving of packaged up things that sucks. Yup.

I just want to gross you all out and tell you what I did in Genetica Lab today. It was clean up and turn in a ton of work day actually, fun fun. So there were various jobs to do like cleaning the centrifuge tubes, washing out the hoods and then the job I got with my group: cleaning out the fly containers. Ew. This was a very smelly job because many of the fly containers had tons of dead flies in them. Some of them were still moist while others were all crusty. Some of them had live flies and guess what we got to do with those....let them go! No, no...We got to microwave them to kill them and let me tell you, this did not help the smell. EW! I don't often get grossed out but ewe ewe we w ewew!

I now want to comment on a few jackasses in my Ornithology class. They are loud and talk during the whole class and make bad jokes and mock the people who answer questions. It's one thing to be like me and just sit there and not participate but quietly take notes but they are just rude and if I had been the teacher I would have yelled at them...or given them Fs which I guess can still happen.


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