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:: Saturday, April 19, 2003 ::

Overview of my day:
6:00am- My alarm went off and I reset it for 20 minutes later
6:20am- I got up and got dressed
6:40am- Left for work and stopped at 7-11 for a Dr. Pepper and of all things, Doritos (for breakfast!?)
7:02am- Got to work and did all the opening duties and then sat there and watched 1 guy swim
7:10am- Decided the one guy was not going to drown so I read my Photography magazine
7:50am- Moved the lane lines over for water aerobics
8:00am- The Masters team got there and proceeded to move the lane lines back!
9:00am - Masters team left
10:00am- Pothead Lifeguard got there and talked to me about acid for awhile
11:00am- I left and came to the VCU library
11:20am- Checked my email and talked a little on IM
12:00pm- Went home and watched 8 Mile
1:00pm- Vanessa called so I paused 8 mile and talked to her for almost an hour
1:45pm- Started making Rice-a-roni (Spanish Rice)
2:00pm- My dad called
2:15pm- Ate Rice-a-roni and finished 8 Mile
3:00pm- Took a shower
3:30pm- Jules called and I talked to her for awhile
3:45pm- Got dressed and ready and left
4:07pm- Came to the VCu library
4:50pm- I'm typing out what I've done all day. And I'm about to leave to go work again.


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