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:: Monday, April 07, 2003 ::

Man, I don't think anyone reads this anymore. Not even Covs;) Covs, are ya there? Makes me sad. I know Jules and I haven't been updating much but she's been busy and I 1) Don't have the internet at my disposal anymore and 2) have nothing exciting to report. Here, let me try to change that.

So, Robert and I have moved into the new apt and it's pretty cool, I like my room a lot and that's all that matters. I'm still in th emidst of unpacking but I need to get some shelves or drawers before I can be completly done bc I don't want a lot of crap sitting around. I can tell already that we're in a different part of town bc of the "night noises" such as the party that people were having Friday nite, "Don't break the alcohol!" and the band that I think practices nearby. I really enjoy it, makes me realize how old our previous neighbors were, ha. And it's cool being much closer to VCU, I've walked everyday....although I make up with my frequent trips to the computer lab=/ Bust.
I started my new job yesterday at Riverside Fitness and Wellness Center Briarwood (this is Scarlet speaking, how may I help you?) lifeguarding and it went well. I just sat there and watched people swim for about 5 hours, awesome. I'm still not sure how strict I'm supposed to be because I'm used to being Nazi Lifeguard during the summer and it's fun to yell at those kids...I guess I'll just observe the other guards. But I get the feeling some are pretty slack. I mean, I didn't even have to go to the meeting because she already knew I was responsible, ha. Rock and Roll...I work again Friday, yay!
So, my one "meet" on Friendster has fizzled I think. I wonder if he's gotten the link to this page, HI! Anyway, he seems to think that talking about hanging out means he's asked me in which case means I've said no. But that's so stupid because in situations like this, I think it is required to explicitly ask someone something, don't leave things ambigious and up in the air. And apparently my "excuses" aren't good enough or something like, "I'm in NoVa" or "I have a test tomorrow" because that (start sarcasm) obviously means I'm making things up. Whatever...I'm not going to introduce signs of something that's not true but I do think that I have been clear in what I *have* said. I don't know...or care to be honest.
I have a new addiction to iced coffee that must be fed, often. Yet I have no money. Oy. I might go in with pennies, I have no shame. I just need my iced coffee.
Ok, Well, I hope any readers left out there enjoyed the update.....Please comment:)

:: Miss Scarlet 3:56 PM [+] ::
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