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:: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 ::

Let me tell you what being a Biology major means: Yesterday in Genetics Lab we worked with bacteria and plasmids and it stunk like death. The odor when the bottle of bacteria was opened was enough to knock a person over. We had to use glass rods to stir it up into solution but were the glass rods long enough? Nope! So part of our hand had to go in the bottle of death smelling bacteria-not pretty. Then, today in BioTech Lab we had our Forensic Entomology lab which actually was VERY exciting for me. We worked with maggots gotten from a rotting pig the lady's been using for her research, mmm. We were warned they would smell bad but noone told me it would be like having The Body Farm in the room! Ugh! Their advice, "Just take a big wiff and your senses will be dulled and it won't be so bad". Ummmm, thanks. It was a fun lab though just bc finally it wasn't micro, yay! And I did an awesome extraction of the mouth hooks, crop and spericles:)
Well, Since I turned my lab in today and had my Genetics test I'm pretty good to go for the rest of the week. I got a 23 out of 25 on my other lab report, awesome and my test today wasn't so bad I think I did well on 2 out of 3 mini quizzes and I got at least half on the last one.
Today, on Oprah, it's about "what to do in your life" and she said, "If you aren't sure what you want to do, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW" so yeah, I'm about to head home to hopefully be told what direction to take in life, haha. I'll keep you posted:)

ps. I had 2, very weird dreams last nite.

:: Miss Scarlet 3:35 PM [+] ::
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