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:: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 ::

I've been doing this a lot lately...I have work to do but I don't feel pressure to do it until it's so incredibly late. I got a B on that lab report though for BioTech I did the nite before. And for this Genetics stuff, I don't think he even reads it. I just have to finish and then go sleep. I'm so tired. I feel like I'm always tired. I'm ready for a nap but it's bed time. Tomorrow I'm done at 12, then I'm sleeping til work. Then just one more day of getting up too early. Oh and Saturday, I work at 7AM again. Remind me not to stay out as late this time. I have a lead on something to do that nite though, I hope it works out. It's something overdue and with people I should have been hanging out with more. We'll see. It should be interesting how I manage to do my socializing in the near future. Not really because of certain time issues or availability but more because I don't want to get stuck doing something I dont want to be doing and I also have to keep quiet on some things. My dad today said something like, "Are you going to try to stretch out school since you're in Richmond til the spring anyway?" Um, WHAT? I mean, I can't even wrap my mind around this right now, I'm too tired. Just the thought of taking Organic makes my knees weak. Gotta be easier than Gratz. And I always wanted to take college physics. I really need to finish up this report. I'm sad at the lack of commenting, I know you're all busy but..come....on;)

:: Miss Scarlet 11:58 PM [+] ::
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