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:: Friday, April 11, 2003 ::

I have a headache. I'm a little worried about my sleeping habits of late. I can't fall asleep at nite to save my life. No, back up....At about 12 I'm like "Man I'm tired, I'll go to sleep" and then I lay there for hours! HOURS! It's always taken me a long time to fall asleep but I wish my body wouldn't act tired if it wasn't really. And then in the AM it's so hard to make myself get up. Then I end up sleeping in the afternoon. I do love the nite but it seems to be important to be awake during the day, haha.
I work tonite from 6-9 and then I *might* have plans but we'll see. Then tomorrow, Mandy's recital at 4 and Nicole and Mike's at 6....then it's off (hopefully) to Mousetrap where I plan to get free drinks and maybe even work on mine and Ray's money making idea, muhaha. Then, if I don't have to work early on Sunday I'm going home because I have laundry to do, I need to get my other Lifeguard suits, and I'm running out of food and definitely dont have money of my own to buy it. Man, my stupid old landlady needs to hurry the hell up with getting the deposit back because I owe people. It's been almost 2 weeks, get a move on, bitch.
I really like Van Gogh. I say this so randomly because here in the computer lab there is a print of "Lilacs" right above this computer. You know, When you see his work in person it has a lot of texture. It really adds to it and you can tell the man was nut-so...but awesome. Me, my mom and Ali waited in the snow from 5-7:30am the year his exhibit came to DC and it was totally worth it, I think Ali would disagree however, haha. I'm bringing back my "posters" of his work when I go home. In the gift shop they had a "damaged merchandise" bin with the prints for like $2, but nothing was wrong with them! Maybe just a tiny crease which brought the cost down cool. My favorite one, well...You'll just have to come visit to see it:)

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