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:: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 ::

Today was actually a really good day and all because of little stupid things. Let me list them for you (I love lists):
~I got a B on my BioTech test, I honestly thought I was going to get about a 40 on that mofo
~I did not get a ticket for parking in the 2 hour spot and I managed to move it during a 10 minute break...thats fast.
~I got the best iced mocha ever and had some amazing conversation...well, maybe thats exagerating a littler. I said I was addicted before but man, I don't think I'll be able to stay away from Starbucks now. I shall study there tomorrow. Well, depending on his, I mean my schedule.
~Jesse fixed my driver's side car door lock! Now I don't have to reach thru the passenger side everytime. That was maybe the most exciting thing all month. He's awesome.
~Jesse and I compared idiosyncrancies which was a lot of fun...haha...and I love finding out about stuff he did as a teenager now. Hilarious.
~I had green beans for dinner. Green beans for me are like corn on the cob for Reens. Well, I really like creamed corn too. Man, I love me some veggies!
~I successfully called the realtor and went and looked at an apt....believe me, this is exciting bc 1) I hate calling people and 2) I hate meeting with people...not to be confused with "meeting people" which usually happens in a bar or at a party, I love that.
~I played my clarinet....Mmmmm, I *heart* my clarinet, it's beautiful
~My car, I think, is recovering. I filled it up with gas (poor credit card) and all of a sudden it accelerated when requested as opposed to 5 minutes later. It's still cutting out a lot but, I'm so used to that. I really have bad luck with cars, it makes me sad=/

My Bird class is canceled tomorrow then I'm off to look at another apt and job hunting AGAIN! I'm so frustrated with it all though, I'm such a hard worker, they don't know what they're missing. And don't confuse me being lazy about school and stuff like that with how I am at my job. I really wish I had waitress experience...or phone sex skills.

:: Miss Scarlet 11:50 PM [+] ::
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