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:: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 ::

Short Term Goals:
~Get some webspace and start a real page that will have all of my wonderful pictures on it. Mostly of bands but I've been taking my camera everywhere trying to get some good shots
~Get a career direction, Music? Biology? (ugh) Something else entirely?
~Buy clarinet repertoire music and get good again so that I can then give good lessons and I'll be a "professional" sort of
~Work on my framed picture idea so I can decorate my next room
~Speaking of which, get job at Kohls so I can get a discount, yay!

I was talking to Vanessa earlier about how this week is taking soooo loooonnngggg. Everyday has felt like Thursday. Thank goodness tomorrow IS Thursday and then of course FRIDAY! Sad news though that Jules can't make it:( There will just have to be a house warming party sometime, muhahahh! I'm excited because my hair is curly again. Thanks folks,

:: Miss Scarlet 3:51 PM [+] ::
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