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:: Monday, March 17, 2003 ::

See, The Wed section of my lab is canceled this week, So I feel like mine should be canceled today. But it's not til 2pm and the people i know in class don't get here early so I kind of have to wait til then to see if we have class. How annoying. While waiting though, I'm using the "illegal" computer for non-anatomy activities such as email, wmwc board, and IM. I was going to put one of those cool links that make you IM me, but I didn't feel like finding the code and copying it.
Tonite is Spirits for the big St. Patrick's Day Celebration...I'm excited. I haven't been there in a few weeks and I'm due for a return. Hmm, 25 minutes til class is *supposed* to start. See, it is kind of weird that noone is in here because usually the nerds study and look at specimens while I use the internet. But Una is bringing my notebook I think and I do need that so I have to wait anyway. Come onnnn no classs!

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