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:: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 ::

Man, It sucks because my gas goes sooo fast bc I have to restart my car like 429830589209.8 times a day and it just sucks the gas up! And as we all know, gas is expensive. See, I had a full tank Sunday (thanks Dad!) when I left and drove about 90 miles back to RVA and then I've been back and forth to VCU maybe 4 times, and a trip to Va Center Commons area and I am down to having only a quarter of a tank left. I'm distraught over this.
This computer lab is so freaking hot! Trinkle Lab definitely wins over this one in the temperature dept.
I've been playing phone tag with the Fitness Center guy about lifeguarding. It sounds like they really need a swim team coach though. I just have this horrible feeling he's going to say its all for summer=/ So please, ESP, pray and just think good thoughts for me!
You know what is good in the tum tum? Frozen Gogurt!

:: Miss Scarlet 7:33 PM [+] ::
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