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:: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 ::

Lori, Our landlady, is here showing the place to 2 sets of people. I alwys end up being here while she's doing that and she always says, "Scarlet fits the whole world in her room" and today she said, "Scarlet spends her her life in her room". Thanks. I think she's impressed with how much crap I have and how it all fits in here. It's just bc I don't have any drawers or shelves or anything so it all looks kinda of, full. Oh well.

Here's my Horoscope for today:
Transitions are easy. The next thing looks better than the last. They love you here.

I have a full day ahead, look at apt, return stuff to Old Navy, FIND for test. I thin I'm forgetting something.

:: Miss Scarlet 12:07 PM [+] ::
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