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:: Sunday, March 09, 2003 ::

In classic "Scarlet Fashion" I called from the parking lot to ask which apartment it was. Ha, One time in High School I went to visit Cindy and Rena at their old house which was sort of in the trees and stuff. And it was late and dark and for some reason I doubted myself on which house it was and for me, knocking at the wrong house would have been so horrible. So I called them from the driveway to make sure where I was. They still tease me about that, as they should...and when I called to ask which apt I could hear Rena saying, "Is she calling from the driveway!!?" We did a lot of reminscing but what I think makes our reminscing fun for others (Lucas) is that it's all hilarius! At least it must be amusic to watch us laugh so hard. Or actually, maybe its incredibly boring for others-let me know. Man I had a good time.
So one of my favorite stories is how I actually met Nick and talked to Pat on the phone like a year before we formally met and started hanging out. I love those "small world" moments and I had another one tonite! In high school one year, Rena and I decided we wanted to go watch the District Tennis Tournament and we decided that we had to leave school at 10AM to make it by 4PM (by the way, the school where it was being held is about an hour away, you do the math). And these names might not mean anything to you but whatever...So we got to Loudoun Valley at 11 or so and basically had to find stuff to do for about 10,000 hours! This included going to McDonalds for a long time, buying a magazine and sitting in my car reading it, sneaking into the school to use the bathroom, driving around, trying to decide if we should go to a movie and walking along this path that strangely enough practically ended up on a highway-not too safe if you ask me. (And you did ask me, it's my blog!) And HERE is the exciting part: It turns out that dear Lucas ATTENDED Loudoun Valley High School and was running on THAT day by THAT path. Whoa. How crazy is that? I think he even commented on remembering two hot girls that day. OK, I lied, He didnt *really* say that. But to finish the "Scarlet and Rena Do Something Goofy" story, we eventually saw the tennis team leaving or something and realized that was kinda weird and went into the school office to get the info and we were told that since it had rained they were still finished the other matches at Loudoun COUNTY High School which was about 10 miles away or something. So somehow we left like 6 hours before it was supposed to start and we were late.

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