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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

I'm pretty excited at this moment and hopefully on Wednesday afterrnoon I'll have some much needed and wonderful news! If not, I'll be out slashing tires. Today was weird, I thought I had my genetics lab test today and I went in all stressed and unprepared, then they told me it's Wed, phew. THen I had Ornithology where I daydreamed, BioTech where I was smart bc we did review. Then I spent my hour break using the "for Anatomy use only" computer to talk on IM and then I had Vertebrate lab and I dissected a mud puppy and looked at amphibians. *fun* Best part of the day is that Una is letting me use her genetics workbook! yay! Um, not too much else happening. I have to go study bc I have 2 tests tomorrow, one of Wed and one on Thursday...what the hell? I didn't even think I was taking that many classes!
ps. contrary to the unfortunate popular belief, the party is Friday, the 7th!!!!!

:: Miss Scarlet 9:39 PM [+] ::
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