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:: Monday, March 17, 2003 ::

I was in the middle of this post earlier when my computer decided, ALL ON ITS OWN, to restart and I lost it. ANYWAY, I propose a Brad Pitt Movie Marathon. Here are my suggestions, please let me know if you're interested, own any, or have additions:
Thelma and Louise (but due to time constraints we might have to skip the T and L parts)
12 Monkeys (I own this)
Seven (I own this)
Interview with a Vampire- I just realized that when I say this its comes out as "Interview with tha Vampire" so now I don't know if it's "a" or "the", oh well.
Fight Club (I own this)
The Mexican
Ocean's 11 (I own this)

I can't think of anymore....Let me know. Hahahahhahahhahaah!

:: Miss Scarlet 6:39 PM [+] ::
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