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:: Saturday, March 22, 2003 ::

Do we have any Canadians in the hizouse? How about someone from the military....Navy perhaps? Let me know who you are.
So, my bloggin has been lacking lately, nothing of substance. I'm not sure why exactly because some stuff has been going on that would normally inspire a beautifully crafted cryptic message but for some reason they have not been-a-flowin'.
I think I'm going to use April as a new beginning of sorts. Nothing major, I just want to leave behind a little of the "collegeness" and "I'm 21"ness behind. If I've lost you, don't worry because yes, I'm still in college but what I mean by this is that with moving I want to leave behind my dorm room-esque living area and have something more "mature"? A color theme, things that match, hidden storage, etc. I will fail at this attempt in that I will still have my computer that will be connected to the internet as much as possible-Robert, who needs a landline phone? Let's get cable modem! hehe. Now, the "I'm 21"ness comes from the fact that yes, I am in fact 23. Which is actually kind of old, in a way. I mean, my mom had a 3 year old when she was 23, my brother had been in the Navy for almost 3 years when he was 23. It's a very scary thought to remember saying a few years ago, "I'm not getting married before I turn 27" and to now realize that is less than 4 years away. And no, I didn't mean I must be married by that time bc if Ali's predictions are correct I'll be a rockin bachelorette in NYC with my very own "Stedman"! Remember that Friends episode when Rachel turns 30 and she does that "Well, I want to be engaged for a year, year and a half, so I have to meet" or whatever she said. I'm not sure what I'm getting at here. Maybe I should stop rambling.

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