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:: Monday, December 09, 2002 ::

Warning: Random Dream Thoughts:
I have to be quick in typing this, I remember my dream, sort of. It was my family and we were going to see trail of Dead play? So we're waiting around and Kevin says "Oh my god, you're beautfiul and I think I love you" (whoa) and yeah, thats pretty exciting but of course I'm like "yeah right" but he keeps touching my hair? Which was straight-interesting. And then this other guy who I can't place who he is was saying HE wanted me, but then I didn't want him to mess it up if Kevin was serious of course. And the Trail of Dead guys were all high from smoking pot or something. And then there was this Christopher Hogan + someone else I can't remember guy who was buying ecstasy and these police guys came to the store (?) where we were sleeping to check it out but I don't think he got in trouble. Then my family and Trail of Dead were getting ready to leave and I had to make sure the lights were all of and my mom was making sure I had my allergy medicine (?) but then...this is sort of weird. We watched a Full House episode where Steve does something to make DJ happy. It involved bringing in a big blow up palm tree. whaaaat? Then I woke up.
So to analyze my own dream, I love Trail of Dead and someone slipped me crack last nite.

:: Miss Scarlet 10:37 AM [+] ::
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