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:: Thursday, December 12, 2002 ::

This remembering dreams thing is fun:
Last nite my dream ruled, read on to see why. The beginning is hazy, but I was with a group of friends at this place and all of a sudden this tour bus thing drives by and it has Dave Grohl on it! And we all cheer and scream and he waves. Then the next tour bus goes by and it has Taylor Hawkins on it and we all cheer and scream and HE waves:) Then my friends and I went into the town for lunch and that part is hazy too. But then we heard that Dave was heading back so I ran and got my camera and my "There is Nothing Left to Lose" cd and went back to where he would be left off. And I almost missed him but I caught up with him and he signed my CD, he said, "Oh, is this the special pressing of Everlong?" and I said, "Um, no...I don't have any money" (haha) but he signed it:) But it was weird bc his signature was actually one of those wax pressing things they used to use in old timey days to seal letters. And his little picture on it was a rose..interesting.
ps. breathe out so i can breathe you in...

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