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:: Thursday, December 12, 2002 ::

My hair is straight again. It's so easy to do now and I really like it, but then I feel bad neglecting the curliness. Oh wait, the waviness-dammit.

Tonite was pleasant. Not the scandalous, "party like a rockstar" nite I was hoping for but I had a nice time. Me, Nick and Pat went to Spirits which was dead. And weird. A parallel universe Spirits. And my "people" didn't go, oh well. But the no expectations plan worked once again, I was only mildly disapointed.
Actually my highlight of the nite was my "wasting" time in the Underground and having a quick chat with Mandy and MikeRoth and seeing Patrick. It's seeing them all hanging out (some studying) in the Underground that makes me really miss MWC. I remember back when I was too intimidated to go in there and now I'm there way too much for someone who graduated. But I can give myself a year, right? I mean, I still know a lot of people there so it's allowed. I wish I could have had senior year twice it was so good. It was so good I've pushed out of my memory all the crappy parts. (roommatebotanybeingpoorseeicantevenrememberanythingelse) I miss Hard Time every Wednesday, Spirits at least once a week, going to every and all shows with Anna Craft (the best concert buddy ever), hanging out in the Underground and getting nothing done, practicing for my senior recital with Mandy (yes, I miss that;), Dinner at 5-everyday, crepes on Thursday with Cara, Bio lab with Van, Trinkle labs-so much trouble there, passing notes with Andrew and Jules in music classes, sitting with MikeDisque, Mandy and Andrew in music history and collectively rolling our eyes and holding in laughter...
But besides missing all of that. I'm in much better spirits tonite, compared to last nite especially. Last nite was horrible but I'm blaming it on not getting any sleep and having everything just seem to go wrong all at once. My biggest stress is to not disapoint. Mostly my mom at the moment. Othertimes, myself. Why can't I just let myself accept the idea of having a job that is not as glamorous as the "dream job"? But then I think, why should I settle? Maybe my new approach will be to take the non-dream job and make it better...hmm, a good thought. Or, to have the non-dream job and add to it cool stuff in spare time. Such as mine and Pat's band. We're going to go far! And now that Ali agreed to play drums-watch out!
Well, I hope noone minding my "talking to myself" thing here...It's easier to think about thinks while typing/writing...otherwise my mind will wander...usually towards my unconscious state, hah!

:: Miss Scarlet 1:43 AM [+] ::
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