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:: Tuesday, December 24, 2002 ::

Merry Christmas Eve! I have a ton of presents to wrap but I'm really pleased with everything I got for people and I think they will like it. I love buying presents for people...when I can spend the time to get them something they'll really like. My parents are going to Aruba (as I'm sure I've mentioned to EVERYONE) so Ali and I got them each a toiletry type bag and have 2 short sleeve shirts to put in my dad's, and some little things to put in my moms. I got awesome deals too! I'm such a good shopper:) I also got my mom this stainless steel bar trashcan, its really small and I got some mini things of booze to put in it. I think she'll really like it bc 1)she likes small things 2)she likes stainless steel things and 3)hello, booze! I can't get into what I got Ali and Jesse because they *might* read this.
I had insane dreams last nite. I'm not telling some of them on here. haha. But at one part a bunch of us were on a school bus going on a trip to somewhere but we had to make the bus look like a hayride so there were hay bales (sp?) all around. And I started sneezing of course and said, "HEY! Does anyone have a Claritan!??" And noone did but they asked if I was ok and I said, "Well, I'm ok but I'm allergic to this hay" and then they all started freaking out and running around and moving it even though I was saying don't worry about it, I didn't want them going to any trouble. Haha.
And at another part I was in 7-11 with some people getting my patented mixture of hot chocolate and french vanilla cappicino (sp?) but it was weird bc I only filled my cup up a tiny bit, strange. Then I had to catch up with those other people but all I had was our truck which is manual. But I could totally drive it which was exciting although the gear shift was really high up. Anyway, I had my Old Navy shirt and while I was at a light this lady kept asking me about these shirts on a rack and if we had anymore but I just lied and said we didn't, haha. Then this lady who I gave swim lessons to over the summer came up to me and was annoying and took forever and I really had to go to meet up with those other people so I was just agreeing to whatever she said. Anyway, some other unbloggable stuff happened but overall it was a crazy funny and memorable dream:)

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