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:: Monday, December 23, 2002 ::

Man oh man, I don't want to work tonite. I'm super tired and I have to work 3-12 which is a long freaking time! I hope its really busy though. Then the managers won't have time to walk around and complain about little itty bitty things and there will be lots of shirts for me to fold. I'd rather have a huge mess to work on then pretending to do stuff. Like when Rena and I would organize the cigarettes at nasty Food Lion to look busy. Haha. Those were the days. Ew, no they weren't. There were some okay things about that job, its kind of fun to use a cash register (not for 8 hours straight however) and reshop is ok. But dealing with stupid managers SUCKS! Like when they won't bring you pennies or ones or something, or get mad bc of something dumb. Ew, I need to stop talking about this.
Did anyone watch American Dreams last nite and by any chance tape it? I love that show but Ali forgot to tape it. I've missed the last few episodes. It's such a good show...
Um, what else? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, yay! I don't work which might be the best part about it. My feet need a rest. And my pleasantness needs time to replenish. I'm like a cell phone, my battery's getting low.
Anything else? Ali and I got the Chicago pizza at Pizza Hut today finally. It was good, I still prefer pan meat lovers though. They did not "finish the pizza at my table" though by pouring the sauce on then and putting grated cheese-no extra cheese, sheesh! Oh well, it was good though.\

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