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:: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 ::

The Longest Day:
I've been semiconscious since about 5:30AM after passing out at about 3:30AM. I took my Vetebrate Natural History exam at 8AM and did ok, not the 100 like I was aiming for but I already have a degree so I don't care. Ok, That's a lie-I care. Then I came and slept some and went at 1PM to take the makeup Life Science exam which was retarded and even had extra credit, whhhaaat? A peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwich made the morning move to the past and I chatted online with some people while I watched those "awesome" soaps. Then, and this is when the day goes slightly putrid: I called the Kohl's lady to have her tell me that they had finished their hiring. I wanted to ask her why she never called me back in effect causing me to miss out on a much needed job but I was about to cry so I just said "Thank You" (aka I hate you) and hung up. Then I proceeded to have a minor mental set back. Sounds much worse than it was, it's just that I was this close *holds up fingers that are incredibly close* to getting that job I thought and then all because that woman probably lost the paper with the message to call me back I'm screwed. Neither Manassas nor Fredericksburg Kohls are hiring anymore. What about all of the college students who don't get back until next week? I don't understand how they'll get jobs. My new plan is to hopefully sub teach, which I've done the past few years. It's an easy 45 bucks or so and then I can be at my lovely decorated Bealeton house and go to all of Ali's swim meets. I hear she got 3rd, maybe 2nd, in the 500 free last nite and I'm so mad I missed it! There was no way I could have gone though, so that helps a little. Ali rocks my socks and I'll end it with that.

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