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:: Thursday, December 05, 2002 ::

Like Jules and I talked about during my 45 minute drive North, on the ride home the sky was that dangerous sort of way. 55 Miles clocked on the odometer and about 2 hours of my time spent gripping the steering wheel so hard my hands started to feel separated from my body. My back began to ache after I had to scoot the seat up and drive like an old lady when my winshield wipers stopped working as well bc they were encased in snow and were essentially just smearing the snow then. I saw about 5 cars that had slid off the road and I went into "professional rescuer" mode getting ready to call *77 for the state police. But I was convinced that the second I took a hand off the steering wheel I would lose control and careen into a guard rail or something. I did have a flasher buddy on the road, we both had our flashers on (hence the name;) and stuck with each other going about 30 miles an hour the whole way. Why was I in this predicament you may wonder?
I went to see The French Kicks and Denali tonite. After deciding I shouldn't go at about 6PM I had already gone into my mode of convincing myself that it would have sucked and wouldn't be worth it so I wouldn't be upset about missing it. But I'm glad I didn't miss it, I haven't been to a show in awhile and it's good to support those Richmond bands. The French Kicks were a pleasant surprise! The drummer-singer reminded me of my other favorite drummer-singer of the Gibbons. But that might just have been bc I haven't seen him in a long, long time. I defeinitely find myself watching the bass player the most now, checking out what progressions he's playing and trying to commit every move made to memory. (I just had a great memory which I'll share later). I'd like to get the French Kicks album...when I have some dinero.
Denali-wow. I sort of get sidetracked by Vanessa's hatred of them (hehe) and even though I did like them when I first saw them it was a warped memory bc that was the same nite I saw Strike Anywhere and almost died and had someone step on my head. So you can see how I might not remember them as well. I couldn't get over how much Keely and Maura looked alike when singing the same parts. It was cool. And Anna and I were excited for the return of the blue lights, how can you rock without them? I love the "soft loud soft" musical template that so many great bands use: Nirvana of course, Trail of Dead, Denali!, etc. I love it when the music hits the climax of the song and its just so powerful. Whatever band I have, and I will, it's going to do this. I just need to work on the singing....screaming?
Like Mandy wrote about in her livejournal, we had a music major moment when something eerily like Stockhausen came on between songs and I was a little frightened. I need to get a copy of that because you haven't been spooked until you've been in a dark room with that on...believe me! On the "music major" subjec though, I'm sort of depressed by how much I've forgotten already. It's all there but with no connections. I'm going to start looking back over old music theory texts and piano/voice things. That stuff is really cool and I need it to be fresher in my mind. I'm so jealous of you guys who can sing well.
That's about it, but I must say Richmond is gorgeous covered in snow. I wanted to take pictures of it at nite (my favorite time of day) but the sleet is a minor obstacle I don't wish to tackle right now.
I'd like to build a snow duck tomorrow.

:: Miss Scarlet 2:54 AM [+] ::
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