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:: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 ::

Last nite I had some dreams in which I was making sure Jobeth didn't steal my Mt. Dew I bought and then I was riding in Buck's car and then we were all watching a movie that used a road near my house and I got mad bc they added different buildings in it. Weird.
Old Navy was good yesterday. I was supposed to work from 9-1 and I spent half that time folding t-shirts in the kids dept, then I was helping the regional people in the clearance section. So when 1 rolled around and noone made me go home I figured I'd just stay and make more money. Besides, the ladies I was working with were nice. Then at 2 they were going to go to lunch so I went up to the store manager to check about leaving and she was with the Regional Manager and she said, "I bet you want to go home, past 1, huh? haha" and explained to Jack, the regional manager, that it was my first day and he said, "You're doing a wonderful job! You want to stay?" So I didn't have anything else to do and Jack was loving me so I stayed. He let me take a 45 minute lunch and when I came back me him and these other 2 girls worked in the men's jeans area-by the way, there should be one style and one size, haha. Then he said, "They've got that, you come with me" and he found me something else to do. Hehe. And he asked about school and stuff and when I said I go to VCU he said I should "work for us in Richmond" and gave me the name of the manager at Willow Lawn and said, "Tell her you know me, You'll get a job" YAY! Then at 5:30pm the shift manager said, "You know you were on til 4:30?" and no, I did not. They fail to remember I have NO IDEA what I'm dong there, haha. So then as I was leaving (finally) I passed the store manager and my best friend Jack and they're saying how great I am (*wink*) and Jack shakes my hand and is like, "Don't forget those names for Richmond. Thanks for all your help." yay:)
Tonite is Piebald. I'm kinda sad I'm missing Ali's meet but it will be super crowded bc it's against Fauquier and I'm going on Friday which is her 16th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're all old now=/

:: Miss Scarlet 2:17 PM [+] ::
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