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:: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 ::

It's been 1 year and 10 months since my deadline for giving up which I blatantly ignored. But deadlines should be like rules: Made To Be Broken. Speaking of which, my birthday is in 2 months...roughly. In a daydream on my ride home from Richmond I imagined going to the Hey Mercedes show in Baltimore the nite of my 23rd birthday and Bob Nanna announcing, "Today is Scarlet's Birthday, Let's get her onstage and sing to her" Do you realize how amazing that would be? Wow. So how are daydreams interpreted by psychologists...I wonder. I mean, dreams are obvious because of the whole subconscious thing or whatever (Ok, ok...Psyc 101 was freshman year). But daydreams....I wonder.
The thing about My So-Called Life, besides that it totally rules and Jordan Catalano is incredibly amazing is that Angela gets Jordan. I don't know where I'm going with this but Ali and I are watching a bunch of episodes and it just takes me back to 9th grade when all I wanted was for a "Jordan Catalano" to hold my hand walking down the hallway of Liberty High School (a coincidence? I think not.) Cue Buffalo Tom. And cue "Jordan Catalon" 2003. Wow, If I didn't already go out a lot I'd say I need to get out more. But that's not it. I'm just a girl....take a good look at me, just a typical prototype. Oh man, I've gone off my rocker. Those were No Doubt lyrics by the way. I'm going to stop before I'm running to catch up with myself. Someone stole my running shoes in Richmond by the way.

:: Miss Scarlet 12:47 AM [+] ::
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