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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::

I'm a little disapointed in myself because my extra credit essay for anthropology is most likely not going to happen. I just can't seem to get work done during the day and then I run out of hours at night. It's Thursday though which meant FRIENDS and ER....Both of which were amazing but didn't help the plan to study for my anthropology test I have tomorrow. For anyone not on the East Coast or living in a hole, today was one big snow day. I enjoyed mine without ever touching the stuff. While I adore snow and have great memories of being forced to play in it all day long by my younger sister Ali (hehe) I'm not a fan of it when it gets crunchy, and that is what happened in Richmond once that sleet hit it. Now I'm confused though because I saw one report that VCU isn't opening until 10AM but I have not seen that report again. This drastically affects my plans for studying and waking up: I either need to get to sleep NOW to be up in time to de-ice my car and get to my 8AM or study now and sleep in in time to get to my test at 11AM.
I got a comment on my blogs tonite and now I feel like I let the loyal readers down with this lame post. But I'm distracted with thoughts of "culture" and other "things" in my head. Check out my more focused (?) thinking that has a great compliment to Rena (Reens) in there:)

:: Miss Scarlet 1:36 AM [+] ::
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