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:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::

I have this talent, sort of, where whenever I'm listening to the radio in the car or going between two channels on tv as I often do with Leno and Letterman and Conan and Craig I sometimes have this feeling that I need to switch bc I'm missing something. I know it's dumb but it happens all the time. Craig Kilburn was introducing some lame rap act when I flipped over to Conan and there they were: Sparta. Another amazing product of Texas who I absolutely have adored since I first heard/saw them. See, this performance on Conan was a repeat from a nite a few months ago that I accidently missed so it's so cool I happened to change the channel and I even had a tape in the VCR to record it. Now on tape I have the Texas flagged amp, Jim Ward's initial and Texas tattoos, the Brian Stozek look alike drummer and those crazy bitches screaming their asses off. (ha) I'm going to go look at my many pictures of Sparta and then try to fall asleep in my mild, totally overreacting, insomniac state....ummm, underneath my map of Texas hanging on the wall. Obsessed much?
Scarlet *Don't mess with me* Rose

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