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:: Saturday, December 21, 2002 ::

I happened upon this blog of a girl with an eating disorder, it was really hard to read. She beats herself up for eating over 600 calories a day! She drinks olive oil after meals as a natural laxative and fasts whenever she can. I wish I could have commented, but she didn't have that set up. Its obvious her friends and family know but from what I read nothing's being done about it=/

I'm "On Call" for work tomorrow at 3 which means I call at about 1ish and see if I have to go in at 3 or the regularly scheduled time of 5. I really hope I go at 5, I'm really tired lately for some reason and I'd like to play Ali's new PS2, hehe. She got Crazy Taxi (and Vice City) and I suck at it, I didn't even get a license which is pretty sad. She got some cool loot for her bday, so exciting:) I even got a party favor, yay! I can't wait for Christmas, but you know...Christmas nite is so weird. Everything's open and, now that I'm not a kid with new "toys," there really isn't much excitement the rest of break. But actually, my mom-I mean Santa, is really good about that and she, I mean he, always gets us some childish stuff-games, toys, etc. It's fun:)

I was thinking about some people I don't talk to on IM anymore-people I wouldn't talk to on the phone ever so don't give me that lecture about calling people-ew. Sometimes these "relationships" just end all of a sudden. It's so strange. If you want me to name names, I will. We all get busy I guess....and I'm (as my dad says) "too sensitive" (haha) so I take things the wrong way sometimes. Anyway, hello cryptic messages! Next subject.

On an email survey type thing where the person fills it out about the person who sent it to them, Ali said I have a temper, hehe. It's so true.Especially when I'm at home. This goes back to that sensitive thing. Say one wrong thing and I'll get mad. I usually cover this up in public and with friends however. Be a fly on the wall in my house though and whew, watch out. It's not like I walk around yelling at everyone, but we all get on each other's nerves sometimes and let loose. Don't be afraid of me.

Ali did so well at her meet....made up time in both of her relays and got 2nd place in the 500 free (first from LHS)!!!! It was awesome. I know she was really tired and "still full" from the Chinese lunch we had so I'm super proud of her. And jealous, going to those meets makes me so nostalgic for swimming and I wish I could have gotten the chance to swim longer and year round or in high school. My high school got a team the year AFTER I graduated, man. And it's so funny to think back when I was 14 and my mom had to force me to be on the team....and 5 years after that I was the coach for 4 years, I just can't get away:)


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