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:: Friday, December 13, 2002 ::

I had more dreams last nite but if I don't get to write them down right away I forget, Why are dreams like that? I had a "big" day of jobbing today and I won't bore you with the in between details but, I got a job at Old Navy:) Yay! Just a winter break job but then hopefully I can transfer to an RVA location. Rock and Roll!
I helped Ali with her homework last nite (makes me feel smart, SMRT, right Reens? ha) and it got me looking at my old art history text book. That class was tough but one of my favorites. Other favorites include Conducting (besides the day I wanted to cry and my not being able to "show change"), Orchestra, Calculus 2 (yeah, I know) and Psychology (Allright sports fans, arghh). Ew, enough about school.
Pat and Van are at Covance Prom right now, lucky them-no seriously. Ali's at Second St. watching a friend's band. I'm just hanging out at home, but that's ok with me. Tomorrow is her meet, I can't wait! I'm going to be such an obnoxious cheerer.
My posts have been lame-o lately, sorry. My throat kind of hurts, eek.

:: Miss Scarlet 8:16 PM [+] ::
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